Monday, March 12, 2007


A realization came to me today. Third trimester is around the corner. How is this possible? Didn't I JUST find out I was pregnant??? Now, for some knitters, three months may seem like an eternity and plenty o'time to finish your baby projects. For a knitter like me, it is like cram-time. You see, I'm not a knitting "closer." I can't close the deal, folks. Around my house are many knitting carcasses, multiple pieces that need to "just be finished." But do they? Um, what do you think? I have the Einstein Coat waiting for me since 2003. The yellow sweater above is ALMOST THERE. It needs buttons. I think I can do that. I don't want to talk about how I didn't get gauge and that's why it's not a baby sweater, but instead, a CHILD'S sweater. The strips are waiting to be finished into a sampler cotton blanket for the nursery. Three more strips to go...Then, I just started the baby yoda sweater in red. This time, I got gauge and it should work out.


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