Sunday, March 11, 2007

 Finally back to baby knitting

This stupid sock took forever to finish. It didn't help that I was a knitting school dropout and didn't finish sock class. It's a nice sock, but I can see every place that my toddler pulled out the needles and unraveled a bit. It's not going to get a mate.

Anyway, this is how I have to knit now: around the baby in the sling. I'm working on a pair of longies for her brother. She's wearing the waistband from the first attempt which was too small as a crown because I got bored! You can see the one I'm knitting now on the chair behind her. This is what I do when I'm reading knitting blogs, because she always wants to be held, and the sling calms her down enough to sleep.


Blogger Austy's Mum said...

Slings are the best things aren't they!? I just wished I had one from the very beginning - Austy hated my kapoochi carrier (modern carry pack thing) but fell asleep instantly in my baba sling and ebay pouch sling, even made the most adorable sounds as he was sleeping so comfortably. I still use it occasionally now and he's 15m old - he doesn't sleep in it anymore but still well worth it!

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