Friday, March 09, 2007

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First, Grats to Alison. I wasn't sure she would get me approved in time, but the moment she's back home it looks like she did it.

I'm due with our 4th child in late June. If you go by the current due date (they keep changing it) I'm 23 weeks, 2 days along or 117 days to go.

I'm normally known as a lace knitter. I love lace. Shawls. Love love love. Yo's! They are my friend.
But since I found out I was pregnant I had this weird feeling that since I'm a knitter, and most people know I knit, that I should knit baby stuff.

It's been a tough road! Apparently I'm not a baby knits, knitter. I've even tried baby lacy things, but my gauge has been off each time (they want me to knit 7 stitches an inch using worsted weight yarn and size 8 needles? huh?)

Anyway, I'm pleased to announce I'm finally somewhat of a real Knitting Mommy. I've knitted 2 baby sweaters, from the Daisy pattern found at (I've also knitted 1 baby sock... but I doubt the 2nd will get made)

More pictures of the sweaters can be found at my blog Pieceful Creations. (from a few days ago)
Glad to have finally made it to the Blog. I get motivated each time I see new pictures, (both of babies and knitted items)


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I really like your variations of the daisy sweater.

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