Tuesday, November 07, 2006

 18 weeks and finally posting!

Hello! I'm Brynne, 18 weeks pregnant with number two and waiting the last two weeks before my 20 week ultrasound to start the baby knitting in earnest. While I'm waiting, I'm knitting a Mommy Snug from the Summer 2006 IK. It's almost done, but first I had to finish a shop sample I was knitting. Here's Glee from Zephyr Style, totally not how the designers intended it to look.

It bounced right back into shape when I took it off, thank goodness! I'm loving all of the baby knits I've been seeing here and I can't wait until I know who I'm knitting for! If you'd care to venture a guess, I'm having a boy or girl contest, so come on over!


Blogger alison said...

Yeah, more belly shots! :)

12:36 PM  
Blogger Ingrid said...

Very nice bump:-) I was also going to wait until my regular ultrasound before I started baby knitting. In the end I started the night before, but still quite good dicipline. Looking forward for a picture of the mummy snug!

2:47 PM  

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