Friday, November 03, 2006

 The One with Many Pictures

My Little Man on Halloween:

He 7 months old and since we weren't doing any TOTing, I got this cute onesie instead of a costume. We spent most of the day at my parent's place to see my new nephew. He arrived on October 27. It's amazing how easily you forget how tiny they are when they first arrive. Nephew clocked in at 7lbs12oz and 20" long. Only 3oz heavier and 1/2" shorter than my Little Man.

Brand New DNephew's gift:

I knit this little guy back in April. He's from Knitty. I used Cascade Superwash 220. He was a hit with everyone. DNiece loved it so much, she wants one of her own.

DNeice's Big Sister Socks:

For a big sister gift for DN (age 8), I decided to knit her some socks. I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock and Broadripple from Knitty. Using US 2 dpn's, they turned out to be a perfect fit for DNiece.

And Last But Not Least:

The back of Little Man's sweater is finished. Now onto the front. Hopefully, it will be done by Christmas. I think it would be a perfect Christmas sweater.

Gotta go now. Little Man has awakened from his nap.

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Blogger Ingrid said...

I love the green colour in that sweater - I think it will be beautiful!

2:03 PM  

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