Friday, July 06, 2007

 Baby Berry Tart

I think this is my first post to the group, so "HI!". I have had it in my mind that I would make one day each week be "hat day" and I would work on just baby hats, but so far that hasn't happened. Oh well :) Anyway, this berry tart hat (from is for my sweetie pie, due at Thanksgiving. While I like the pattern and the resulting hat, I won't make any more of these - I just don't like making bobbles!

Being without an actual baby to try it on, I have had to recruit some innocent bystanders (for once, not the dog!)

Berry Tart Hat 1 Berry Tart Hat 2

I used Reynolds Saucy Mercerized Cotton and it took maybe two days to make.



Blogger Samantha said...

Too cute!!

6:38 PM  
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