Saturday, June 23, 2007

 i love baby hats!

Baby hats and baby blankets are my favorite things to make, probably over all. There is just so much variation out there. It is so exciting. A friend of mine inspired me to try to make a stiped baby hat and carry the colors as i go. It is done from the bottom up and there is a jog line that i need to work on. It seems that in my attempt to keep the line from having holes i really pulled that line too tightly. Oh well. I am sure i will learn in time. Despite that they really did turn out cute:

This first one i did for a girl at work who is due in September. Then i decided that it was too Christmasy (not that i don't like Christmasy it just wasn't what i was going for). What does everyone think? Is it Christmasy? This one is made from Caron Simply Soft. So then i made this one:

Did i mention she is having a boy? I really liked this one. So cute. This one is made out of Red Heart Baby Something. Then i made this blanket to match:

I am sorry the picture isn't very good. It is a really cute cotton flannel blanket which i crocheted an edging on. I used a size 10 crochet thread. Not having babies of my own, i hear from others that these blankets are perfect, espeically in the summer. Another friend of mine has requested 3 more for her son. More pics of those when they are all complete!

Congradualtions to all the new moms out there!


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Hey - thanks for linking me! Cutie patootie hats!

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