Monday, October 30, 2006

 Update this week

I finally found my camera, and have posted some pictures on my blog here. Here's the cardigan I made for a woman at work, whose son was born about a month ago:
I just have to find some buttons. I started a sweater for my little one, in Bernat CottonTots in Sweet Dreams. I had 3 skeins that was a partial baby blanket, but I decided a little cardi for my dear one would be a better use of it. I think I can get booties and a hat out of it as well. He might just come home in those. It has some pink in the variegation, but I think with blue buttons, it'll look boyish enough. I'm making it on my own (making up the pattern as I go) and it's simple, since the yarn is variegated. I'm sure another one will come whipping off my needles with some interesting cables soon. I love making baby cardigans...they go so quickly, as long as you get the sleeves in right the first time. =0)


Blogger Ruth said...

Baby cardigans ARE great. A very quick fix.

7:41 AM  

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