Saturday, October 28, 2006

Well, it's done! I just finished the finishing.... That sounded really dumb, but I did. I decided to wash and block it before adding the buttons and then I'll take a photo. I'm thinking one with baby, one without. It's raining soooo hard here that there's no light and the photo would be bad anyway. Anyway, it's done and it took about 3 weeks and 8.25 balls of Debbie Bliss cotton angora in Burgundy. (The yarn has been discontinued last I heard.)
I loved this knit! It worked up fast and was easy to do with a baby on my lab, or on a boob, which ever. It fits well, and looks great on him, and my husband was actually impressed with it. And as we all know, after about the 20th completed garment, husbands just aren't impressed about it anymore. He actually bragged on the phone to his mom about how cute it was and how she had to see it.
On the down side of this pattern, I had a hard time with the hood construction and I had to wing it. I'm not satisfied with how it came out, but the rest of it is wonderful and the fact that it's designed to be a coat means that he'll get a little wear out of it. I can just lengthen the sleeves at the cuff if necessary and he can wear it till it looks like a regular sized cardi, or at least that's my thinking. It's one of the first things I made for him that I think ended up being worth the time and the expense. I'd make it again (if I did that sort of thing)


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Can't wait to see it!

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