Wednesday, October 11, 2006

 Hello There!


I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Celia and usually I blog here. I am expecting a little baby boy (if the sonographer is correct.. otherwise the baby will just have to wear boy clothes till we run out!) in January.

I have been knitting mostly baby stuff for the last few months but don't seem to have achieved much. Nobody else in my family or my husband's family knits or sews and so I am making as many cute little things for my boy as I can. Right now I am knitting up blocks for the Lizard Ridge blanket in some Noro Silk Garden and also a blanket out of some Cleckheaton Wool/Cotton in blue, cream and lilac. I have completed 10 squares for the latter and I think I need another 10-15!

We went out shopping for the 'big' things last weekend and we're now proud owners of a cot and mattress, a stroller and a rocker. I think that's all we'll be buying in terms of big things as we live in a small flat and don't want to accumulate too much clutter. Right now, I am just slowly collecting the 'small' things like face washers, towels, etc. How's everyone else going iwth the baby shopping?



Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

love your idea of using lizard ridge as a baby blanket! : )

7:15 PM  

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