Wednesday, October 11, 2006

 Bib pattern

Hello all,
I've been thinking about this bib pattern for some weeks now. I bought some yarn for it last week, in greens and blues ( yarn on the left in the post's picture). I figure the color of the ribbon strap could turn it into either gender. (We aren't finding out ahead of time what the new one is.)
One reason I haven't begun this, though, is that the pattern is in crochet and even though I do crochet, I think it would be better knitted. Crocheted dishcloths and such take so long to dry out while their knitted counterparts aren't as dense and dry out faster. I think that will make for a better bib. It WILL get dirty and will be washed quite often.
Since I need to switch it over to knitting, I've been dragging my feet about it. I thought maybe admiting to it in this group might make me shake my brain up and do it.
If any of the rest of you are interested in the older patterns, there are some great ones for sale at Vintage-Knitting-Patterns. I've ordered a few things from her and they ship very fast. Right now, the baby collections are $10 off. The discount won't show up until you put it in your cart.
Hope to rework the bib pattern by the end of the month and start knitting by early November.
It is great to see the patterns on which others are working. This is a great way to share baby ideas!


Blogger Laura said...

Ooh, if you do manage to work that pattern up in knitting I'd totally be interested in buying or borrowing your instructions. What a neat shape!

6:29 PM  

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