Tuesday, October 31, 2006

 A Cardi Named Sid

I'm new here. I knit for my nieces' children and any others that wander into view. My nieces had boys for a while but one of them produced a girl last year, so we're in a frenzy of pink and purple, or purp and pinkle as a friend of mine once said.

First of all though, I'm posting the chunky cardigan I knitted for a friend's little boy. He's called Seamus and the cardigan is called Sid, from Rowan's Junior Knits. It seems to be a larger version of the one Aimee knitted from Rowan's Babies, called Dumpling.

It's made from Rowan's Big Wool in a melange of blues, called Bubbles, on 15mm needles: it didn't knit up quite as fast as I expected but the construction of the rolled collar was interesting. The pattern doesn't have pockets but I thought it was crying out for them and it turns out that Seamus loves pockets, so I added them. It would have suited those folded leather buttons but settled for some big old brown ones from the button box - I love Aimee's toggles and would get some if I knit this again. I would also make it slightly longer, maybe an inch or two.

Here is a photo of it as finished. I can't help feeling he should have a little pipe to smoke when he models it, it's just like the men's cardigans on those old knitting patterns.


Blogger PutYourFlareOn said...

It does look just like Dumpling! Dumpling originally called for Big Wool but you can sub Ribbon Twist in it's place. I'm sure I"ll be making another one later one, the pockets are cute!

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