Saturday, October 07, 2006

 Inca Cotton Blanket

I adore Inca Cotton. I made my daughter a sweater from Inca Cotton 2.5 years ago and it still looks great. It's getting a little snug and the sleeves have been added to 3 times already, but it's a daily wear piece and while it looks worn, it doesn't look ratty.

This is an organic colorgrown cotton yarn (ecru, 2 solids, and 2 tweeds). It calls for 3.5/in on US 10.5s but I've knit it at anything from 3.5/in. to 5/in. on 10s through 7s. It's very flexible. Though it's a slubbyish, thick and thinish yarn it maintains a bit of elegance and has excellent drape. I make a lot of dresses with this yarn (some examples) and I love playing with the natural colors.

The skeins are huge 8oz skeins with 325 yards to them. I just buy loads of it and stripe whatever colors I have on hand in whatever configuration I feel like at the moment. And the yarn leftovers make excellent baby washcloths.

So I made this blanket: a simple basketweave, on US 9s at 10 st and 14 rows to 3 inches. I did a 7 row and 5 stitch border in seed stitch and did 9 basketweave blocks to make an approximately 30"x30" blanket. I love it and it will get loads of use.

I also just made myself an early pregnancy/early post-partum/nursing sweater from the same yarn. As soon as I can get a photo I'll post one.

Oh, and I suppose i should introduce myself: I'm Marnie, due in April with #2. I've only been knitting about 4 years now, but I think I've clocked as many hours at it as someone whose been knitting for 40. It's my hobby, my trade, and my obsession.


Blogger alison said...

Wow, cute dresses! The blanket is really lovely. I think an organic cotton is a great choice for baby things.

Oooh, I happen to have some Blue Sky Organic Cotton sitting around in my stash, and it's pink! :)

12:16 AM  
Blogger Myeesa said...

The blanket and the dresses are beautiful. Can't wait to see the sweater.

12:46 AM  
Blogger Miss Scarlett said...

Oh that blanket looks so perfect for baby.

1:41 PM  

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