Thursday, October 26, 2006

 Sweet Baby Bonnet

I made the Baby Bonnet from Last Minute Knitted Gifts to add to my 'baby stash':

This is a really cute knit... and I was able to finish it in the books projected 2 - 4 hours (I think it took me around 3 hours). I did have some trouble keeping the i-cord cast on loose and not 'bunchy'.

Cute, huh? I used Koigu Kersti, and I have enough of the yarn to make the Child's Placket-neck Pullover from the same book. I'm also going to try and make a second bonnet in reverse colors out of the leftovers from the first hat - I'll let you all know if the yarn stretches that far.


Blogger alison said...

Loooooove the placket neck pullover! That one is totally on my list for wee one on the way. I'd forgotten about the bonnet in that book. Yours came out great! And the cotton hats in that book are really cute too. Adding more to the baby knit list now.....

5:01 PM  

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