Monday, October 23, 2006

 The cable coat saga

I've been dedicated and plugging away at that cabled coat from Debbie Bliss. I finished both sides, the corresponding pocket linings, the back and both sleeves. That's when I realized that the 7 balls of Cotton Angora I picked up from Bella Yarns wasn't going to cut it. Thank goodness I called on Saturday and asked them if they had anymore, as it was in the sale bin. They put aside 3 balls for me and I went in on Sunday to pick them up. It was a mad house in there!! So I got my yarn (for 2.00 a ball!!) and went home to cast on for the hood.
Now here's where it gets weird. The hat is knit by joining the shoulder seams and knitting across the 14 stitches on the left side that was previously on a holder, then casting on 66 stitches, and knitting the 14 stitches on the right side. Okay. But when I looked ahead at the directions to make up the hat, it says to join the cast on edge of the hood to the cast off edge of the back. Okay. But the cast off of the neck edge only has 34 stitches. Now, how do you attach 66 stitches to 34 and not have the pattern messed up?
So I'm thinking that I'll line it up from the outside to the middle starting on the right and then do the same on the left, and then seam the rest of the stitches vertically to itself. I know this probably doesn't make sense but it will when the photo's come. I'm 2 inches into a 7 inch hood, and then I have a button band to tackle. I hope to have it finished by the end of the week.


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