Tuesday, October 07, 2008

 Lacey Layette

I finally have another FO for bub. The knitting has slowed in preference for all the sewing I need to do right now, but what a better way to spend an hour in the pathology waiting room waiting for a glucose test to be done. In fact I enjoyed having the quiet time to knit away from my nearly 3yr old - I gave up trying to knit lace in his presence a while ago... and DH was just as bad.

The pattern is an old Australian leaflet I bought off ebay, and I used Patons Dreamtime 3ply 100% wool instead of the cheap yarn used in the leaflet. It was quite easy to knit considering the lace (as long as I didn't have any boys interrupting me - big or small...) and I love the classic styling. $2.50 well spent on the pattern I think!

More info here

 Thursday, October 02, 2008

 Procrastinators 'R Us

I knit this sweater as a gift for my cousin's son. Due to a felicitous combination of an easy, well-written pattern and chunky yarn, I finished the knitting in less than two weeks.

Tweedy jacket done

The buttons were another story. The assembled sweater sat in my WIP pile for an additional six weeks before I bestirred myself to dig up a sewing needle and sit down to sew on the buttons; a process which I was able to complete during the first half of last night's episode of Project Runway.

pretty buttons

I am very glad that A) I knit it big and B) babies grow.

Tweedy jacket hanging
Sirdar cardigan pattern #3900 (Raveled here)


 Work in progress...

I first visited this blog when I was pregnant with my now 18 month old daughter. I'm back again, with another wee one on the way. I haven't had a moment to knit anything for our new baby - instead I've been finishing sweaters for a virtual epidemic of babies blessing our friends and family. Tomorrow we have our 20 week echo and (fingers crossed) will discover if Tessel will have a baby brother or sister. And then! I can buy yarn. I've been yearning for soft yarns; cashmere, silk/alpaca... And haven't bought anything until we find out the sex. I'll be combing through all of the beautiful finished baby things, deciding what goes into the queue. Really looking forward to "knitting with you" over the coming months.