Thursday, October 02, 2008

 Procrastinators 'R Us

I knit this sweater as a gift for my cousin's son. Due to a felicitous combination of an easy, well-written pattern and chunky yarn, I finished the knitting in less than two weeks.

Tweedy jacket done

The buttons were another story. The assembled sweater sat in my WIP pile for an additional six weeks before I bestirred myself to dig up a sewing needle and sit down to sew on the buttons; a process which I was able to complete during the first half of last night's episode of Project Runway.

pretty buttons

I am very glad that A) I knit it big and B) babies grow.

Tweedy jacket hanging
Sirdar cardigan pattern #3900 (Raveled here)



Blogger Loreen said...

That is just adorable! Nice work.

10:27 PM  

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