Tuesday, July 15, 2008

 At it Again

Just wanted to update on a few baby knits, not for mine but for some very highly anticipated boys that will be joining the world of knitting mamas soon. (Check out the first link for some amazing knit projects from her recent baby shower). I am so excited about being able to knit for others' babies, it feels good to know they will have a little something from our home, a place once full of baby love, now toddler twin love. It also trips me out that I am knitting for toddlers now when I do knit for my own. So true that it goes lightning fast once they come into our lives.

Here is the latest Footie Washcloth.
I am such a huge advocate of this simple fast project. It can be done in a mere hour if you sit, in three even with twins running around, and the pattern choices are endless. I find myself coming back to this as a standby and I think any new mama will appreciate one or a dozen. I know we went through washcloths here at an alarming rate in the early months.
footsie warsh rag
I used a variegated Sugar n Cream yarn and I do like the look though the feet are a bit masked by the color changes. For any new mamas itching to knit, try this one. So fast and rewarding in the end.

These little booties were actually a re-gift but I wanted to link to the pattern for anyone looking for a great bootie pattern.
hand me downs
These actually stay on their feet. I can attest to it. And they require only a smidge of sock yarn so it might use up some of that leftover stuff from your stash (so you can go get more, you know).

The other project that I love so is this little vest. I adapted it from the pattern in Natural Knits (Oz Vest) using the same design but adjusted to fit the yarn. This is from two skeins of Noro Kureyon that stared at me from the stash.
Vest for L
It clicked that the pattern would like lovely with the stripes and the rows of garter. I am sorry the photo shows a work in progress. It is done now and requires another photo shoot. One note about the yarn choice. Due to the way I chose to knit (in the round until armholes) I had to unwind the skein to find 'matching' yarn for the R/L sides of the neck. Came out just fine, but it required both skeins. I plan on posting full mods on my Ravelry, but I do not always get to it. I actually ended up ordering more Kureyon to make two for my twins, because why use stash if you do not replenish it. Arg.

I anticipate lots more baby knits coming. Planning is almost as fun as doing. Happy baby knits to all.

 Sunday, July 13, 2008

 It's a bit quiet in here...

So I thought I'd add my latest newborn creation - a pair of picky pants with some minor alterations (cables and back pocket)

Blogged here.