Monday, November 26, 2007

 Someone Has To Do It!

It's been entirely too long since someone has posted on this site. And I know there are people knitting baby things out there!!!

I wish I had something absolutely fabulous to end the silence with, but all I've got are two hats. They'll do. And maybe the sight of our already-up Christmas tree will be inspiring!

#1: Cabled Baby Hat:
#2: Vine Lace Baby Hat:
Both knit for our yet-to-be-born Madeline, due December 14th! It's already very cold in Chicago, so the gray cables might just be worn home from the hospital!

All the details are on my blog at!

Happy Holiday Knitting, everyone!


Blogger Ashley said...

I love the name Madeline and I LOVE these hats...I want one!

10:34 PM  

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