Sunday, November 04, 2007

 denim overall

I've just finished denim overall.

This is my own design,but for pockets,I used the pattern HARVEY from Little Treasures by Louis Daykin.
I love denim yarn because it doesn't pill and dirt is not anxious.
More photos are here.

And I've knitted Ruffle Rib Socks from BETTER-THAN-BOOTIES BABY SOCKS
I love this zig-zag bind off on instep.
More photos are here.

And one more project,I've knitted Cable and Moss Stitch Hat from debbie bliss Baby Cashmerino book.
I started by purly white's pattern,but its depth of the hat was insufficient for my son, I had to back to Bliss's pattern.
More photos are here.
The vest that he wears together is tommy from from RYC Classic Bambino (book 12).

By the way,I washed my Sirder Snnugly Baby Bamboo vest,there was no problem unless it was handwashed.
I'll post a comment here when there is a problem washing several times.

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Blogger Dove Knits said...

Those overalls are so adorable! I love all the rest of your creations, too!

1:18 PM  

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