Saturday, July 21, 2007

 Baby Gift!

hi all! it has been a little while since i last posted but don't worry i have been knitting baby things! there was a medical assistant student working at the office that i was doing clincials at that was pregnant with her first child...a boy. she was so cute and really excited. we threw her a little shower on her last day. this is the pathway it took to get to the final gift. first i made this baby hat:

then i decided that it looked a little too christmas-y and i didn't have a flannel blanket to match it at all. so then i made this one:

which i think is much cuter. then i realized that i had this blanket. i added the crochet edge to it:

it all turned out really cute! here is the gift all put together with a little blue bear and a book:

i really liked how it turned out and she was really pleased with the gift. i did finally find a blanket to match the "christmas-y" hat. more on that later!


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