Tuesday, April 10, 2007

 Birthday Crowns

Sage's Birthday 010
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It was our peanut's first birthday today, and I made a little something I had first seen here a few months ago - a knitted crown. This is based on the pattern on interweave. I knit one crown following the directions exactly (well, mostly, I changed needle size and used a different yarn. What? You don't all do that?), and it wasn't exactly a huge success. So I took the lessons learned in the method, and created this in its place. It's a simple acrylic yarn, trimmed in a little pink fur (doesn't everything for little girls need to be trimmed in fur? usually I would think not, but lately, well, I'm coming around. I like this pink stuff). It's a very simple knit, and, for as long as I could keep it on her head, was a great hit, especially with her older sister, who, as you might imagine, already has her heart set on a pink one for her own birthday later this summer.

More on my blog, here, including one of the best (if I do say so myself) birth stories around. Let's just say crawling on all fours, swearing up a storm (something, like crawling on all fours, which I normally do not partake in) and a late night ferry ride made for a VERY memorable birth day.


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