Thursday, February 15, 2007

 the time has come

Nope, no baby yet, but Blogger has decided that it's time for me and the blogs I host to switch to the new Blogger. This blog has been switched over to the new Blogger, so you might have difficulty posting until you switch over to the new Blogger as well. If you've had problems in the past joining this blog because you were already on the new Blogger, let me know - maybe things will work now that this blog has been updated.

The switch should be pretty simple. Contact Blogger if you have problems (because I have no idea what's really going on with this whole updating thing!). I'm happy to resend invites to join if anyone needs one after the switch.

Wishing you continued happy baby knitting and baby knit posting!


Blogger totalkyknitwit2007 said...

I haven't been able to post on here after I got the new Blogger. I didn't really understand why? Could this be the reason?

3:41 PM  
Blogger Katherine Of It All said...

Forgive my own cluelessness, but how do I join? I have a Blogger blog and thought I was smart, but I haven't figured it out.


12:19 PM  

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