Tuesday, February 06, 2007

 Mommy snug finished 1 month ago!

Hi! Some time ago I showed you my Mommy snug in progress, but then for a while I haven't been blogging actively. I've been reading all your posts, with the news about babies, everything is so exciting! Congratulations to new moms.

As for me, I'm in my 34th week and so excited about this whole situation. I've been trying to knit seriously but I pick projects here and there and don't seem to finish anything. I guess it will all come together soon. It's been also a busy time getting together with my pregnant friends (one of my priorities), preparing things for baby at home, taking the childbirth classes (they've been so so good for us!) and, the worst, finishing as much as possible at work before due date comes (any scientist mom out there to tell me how you have been able to manage?).

Here is my Mommy snug finished one month ago. It has taken more or less 5-6 weeks to be completed. I just love how it perfectly fits my big belly. It took 13 skeins of Jaeger Merino Aran, so I used #5 needles and knit the smaller size (althoug my measurements would suggest two more sizes). There's so many things I like in the sweater, I wouldn't know which one is my favorite. I really recommend all of you to knit one for your pregnancy or for a beloved expecting one.

Some time ago I said I'd knit a baby hat for each one of my pregnant friends. I've already posted some patterns in my blog and many new will be coming soon!

Take care, Diana


Blogger Samantha said...

It's gorgeous!!

11:40 AM  
Blogger msubulldog said...

So the small size fits well even though your measurements would indicate knitting a larger size?
I've been toying with the idea of knitting this--any advice/recommendations on choosing a size?

12:29 PM  
Blogger Diana said...

The pattern was in the summer issue of IK knits and called for a DK cotton/merino yarn, but as I'm pregnant during the winter in Maine I used worsted yarn. So you will need to find a nice yarn you like and check your gauge. My suggestion is that you carefully pick up the size that is more close to your chest measurement, because the best thing in this sweater is how it fits your curves.

1:43 PM  
Blogger Kelly Jo said...

oh my goodness! it looks terrific! and you love it, even better!!! i saw it and wanted to make it as soon as i got pregnant (which i just found out last week that i am!!) but i'm going to be pregnant over the summer :( how would it look without sleeves?!

9:14 PM  

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