Monday, February 05, 2007

 Finished Obects and Frog Ponds

I've been meaning to post for about a month. Time flies when your little one is learning to walk. I can't believe he's going to be a year old in one month.

On the knitting front, I was able to finish my one Christmas gift knit with about 4 days to spare.

This was for my nephew, who was 2 months old at Christmas-time. As you can see, my cats gave final approval. It was a very simple knit from Lion Brand Yarns, Blue Lagoon Baby blanket. Garter stitch all the way.

You my not remember this:

I was knitting if from my Rowan Babies book. The key word here is was. It got sent to the frog pond. Unfortunately, I didn't pay enought attention, when knitting the back, to be able to knit the front to the proper length. So the front ended up significantly shorter than the back, and even the left neck on the front, somehow, was different than the right neck on the front.
Please, learn from my mistakes. Pay attention. :oD
So with this yarn, I am now knitting the Moss Stitch Sweater from Adorable Knits for Tots.

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