Friday, December 01, 2006

 call for help

This isn't knitting, but I'd like you all to look at it because it means alot to me.

There is a family that I came across in my travels at work who was in need. The husband is away in Iraq, leaving his wife at home alone with a 3 year old and 3 month old twins. The account was in a bad way and she was going to be without money for about a month. I'm having trouble getting the larger business to donate to an individual family rather than large charities so what I decided to do was to offer my services to the women at work as a manicurist for a 30% discount. All the money goes to the family and the checks are being written out directly to them. One of my friends works at the grocery store so she's going to "pay" me with gift cards to the store.
So here's the part where I ask for your help. I'm looking for any help you can provide to the family... diapers, toys, giftcards, etc. I don't know them personally so I have no idea the sex of the children but at their ages it's easy to get gender neutral toys and clothes. I know that it's tight for everyone this time of year. I'm struggling myself with a family of 4 to support, but this is important and I've been the recipient of the aid of strangers many times. I just wanted to try to do something for a mother who's worried about how to pay bills with her husband gone let alone providing a Christmas for them. All of you new moms know the panic that comes when the new baby comes home. If anyone wants to help, send me an email and I'll provide the my mailing address. Thanks for considering this!


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