Tuesday, November 14, 2006

 A Crochet Blanket and some tiny socks

Hello, this is my first post! I am a UK knitter/crocheter re-learnt her childhood knitting skills when her friends started to have children about 2.5 years ago. I don't have any of my own as yet; but I now have 4 children between 2.5 and 1 month to knit for; with another one due in Feb.
The sun came out in the UK on Sunday so I finally got to take a picture of the finished blanket for my friends baby, born about a month ago. Here it is in it's full glory.

Pattern: Made from 2 different squares from 200 Crochet Blocks with a single and double crochet border.
Yarn: Jaeger Aqua Cotton in 316 - Ruby, 331 Marigold, 330 Daffodil,303 Herb, 317 Blue agate and Comfrey (which is discontinued)
Started: Mid September 2006
Finished: 10th November 2006.
The cotton isn't anywhere near as soft as the Baby Cashmerino that I used for this blanket, but I think it works really well with the crochet squares and the colours are bright and rainbow like, just as I wanted them to be. Fingers crossed it is a success. Now I have 3 months until the next baby is due, I should get cracking really!
And so I don't upset people (as this IS meant to be a knitting blog!) here are some socks I made for the same baby when she was newborn (in fact 3 weeks premature)

A very simple k2p1 rib over 30 stitches, top down on 2mm needles in a tiny bit of left over Regia sock wool.


Blogger alison said...

What fun baby blankets! And love those little socks - sooo cute!

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