Saturday, November 11, 2006

 Birthday Knitting

This month for me is a month of Birthday's. Sam is one on the 24th, I can't believe it has nearly been a year. Mark, my partner is 26 on the 27th, so I have been busy knitting toddler sweaters and other things.
Above we have a toddler sock, a sweater knit in one piece, and another sweater knit in 10ply German wool I got on sale. The sweater in the middle is knit in one piece, the pattern is from a book called Impact Moda number 7, Quick Easy baby knits. Yes, it was quick and easy. The blue/green sweater I started when I was pregnant with Sam and I have just sewn it up. They are both made in 18month-2 size and they fit him now, my boy is tall just like me and his Dad.



Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

heeheee love the little sock! Looks like those sweaters are going to be warm and cuddly

10:48 AM  

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