Saturday, February 17, 2007


EZ Baby Surprise Jacket

I am finally back - the old blogger did not like me at all. Here is the first of two project I have completed while away: the famous EZ Baby Surprise Jacket in Lorna's Laces Sport, and no, 3 oz of sport weight yarn are not enough and I had to buy a second skein.

While I think it is very fun to see the jacket emerge from this weird object I was knitting, I did not enjoy making it. Garter stitch is the knitting equivalent of a lobotomy, and I do not like the look of it. And I hate to count stitches, and the instructions are all in the form "when you have ### stitches do this or that." But all considered, a very cool project.



Blogger B said...

It will look cute on a baby though, even if you don't think it is cute now. They've been trying to get me to try this pattern at the yarn store, but I haven't yet because of the same reasons you had.

10:45 AM  

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