Wednesday, March 28, 2007

 Hoodie Cuteness

So, knitting rules most of my time. It is that thing that makes me sane, it brightens my day, it alleviates the pain of bad local programming, and it distracts me from the various aspects of my life that are starting to grate on me. I finished a lovely piece for a bean…little hoodie. It is sized up. I am not sure of the ‘when’ it will fit, but it will eventually fit. I loved working with this yarn, it is cotton and lacking any stretch, which can be a bit rough on the fingers, but it has some synthetic in it which seems to soften its hand. It has a great sheen, little bit glossy, just that little bit of special. Initially I intended to use it for an adorable knit in The Knit Café book, but the pattern looks a bit femme to me, and neither of the beans are female, so I used this great pattern from Knitty. I did not embellish it yet; I am contemplating some embroidered animal…stick figure in nature. We will see. I do recommend this pattern as it is simple and fun. As with all little items, it knits up quickly and provides that rush of satisfaction that accompanies completion. It is currently modeled by Clyde, my orangutan. He is a bit scruffy, but beloved. I inherited him from my little brother about 13 years ago. Clyde was intended as a gift for Ricky, then 4 years old. Except when he pulled him out of the wrapping paper, he ended up screaming in fright and throwing him across the room. The primate has been mine ever since and followed me cross country and up and down the West Coast. He cuddled with me on long solitary nights in NY and weathered a few bouts of storage. Now I plan on gracing the beans’ room with his watchful presence…hope he does not frighten them. Hoodie #2 will be of the same yarn, but a lovely greeny sagey color…I am not really keen on dressing them identical, just dressing them well.

* I found out that tencel is actually a natural product, not a synthetic, so the yarn is even more yummy now.

Also, this post continues at my blog with a little non-baby crochet stuff if you are interested. And there is some chocolate too. Mmmmmmmmmmm, chocolate.

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Blogger mamatoani said...

Is that the cardigan from Knitty with the daisy and snakes? I was thinking of making that one.

ps If so, yours is much prettier than their model ones. Love the sage color!

9:53 AM  
Blogger alison said...

Lovely hoodie! Best of luck with the last few weeks of pregnancy. Having twins is such a blessing. Best wishes to you!

10:02 AM  

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