Saturday, March 24, 2007

 debbie bliss hoodie! for chloe

Well here it is! the debbie bliss hoodie made for Keira's little friend Chloe!!!!!!!! Its very cute and looked adorable modelled by keira (I took a photo without the photocard which was not smart!). I actually knitted it up in Spotlight's own brand pure wool called dashing and am very impressed with it!

The only hard part was adding the hood and trying to make stitches look neat on both sides at the same time as easing in the stitches as there were a lot more stitches on the hood!

but it was loved by chloe's mummy and will be perfect this winter!

I've just treated myself to the new Debbie Bliss simply baby and love its little hooded cardigan so might do that for keira this winter!


Blogger Laura said...

So cute! Is that the pattern from "Special Knits for Babies"? If so, I've made it a number of times and the hood instructions just seemed silly to me. I changed it to just pick up the stitches from the neck instead of casting on new ones and seaming. It looks neater and avoids a seam. I have no idea why she designed it the way she did! Anyway, yours came out great regardless!

9:26 AM  

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