Saturday, March 24, 2007

 102 days and counting

With my newest due date, I have 102 days left til Baby M is due to show up.

I decided to pull out my stash and found a few skeins of Shine (knitpicks, cotton)

Having seen the super popular "Mason Dixon" dishcloth around the blogs for months now, I looked through my collection and found the original pattern from around 1992 (it was a free hand out at a store I shopped at once) Changing it a bit so both my yellow and blue skeins would be used equally I came up with Baby M's first burp cloth. (I made about 10 of these type of blankets back in 1994 for Christmas)

Instead of crocheting around the edges I picked up stitches with the yellow and knitted a few rows with it then changed to blue and did some seed stitch. I increased a bit at the corners each time around, maybe a bit to much... it seems a bit wavy, but it's going to work and is nice and soft and baby friendly patterned.

To see more of my knitting: Visit Pieceful Creations


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