Monday, February 26, 2007

 More Fruit Oriented Headwear

Good evening! New blogger here... I'm excited to be joining KBBB after lurking here for a couple months. I am a mom to an adorable (aren't they all?) 13 month-old girl & the expectant mom of a little boy to be sometime in mid-July. I'm basically a beginning knitter (I took it up while pregnant with my daughter but had about a year long hiatus until a couple weeks ago - the transition to mommyhood really got me) but I am very um, obsessed? No, let's use enthusiastic instead :)

Here is my latest FO: a Strawberry hat based on the Ann Norling Fruit Cap pattern:
More details can be found over at my blog. I'm thinking of doing a blueberry version for the next little one but I have so many other things already lined up in my head! SO frustrating, I need more time (or maybe less sleep?).

Looking forward to posting here and seeing all the fabulous project everyone creates, it is so inspiring... Hmmmmm. Maybe y'all could cut back on the fabulosity for a couple weeks or months, you know, just so I can catch up on my to do list a teeny bit without adding more to it?


Anonymous les said...

Looks adorable on your adorable little girl! Love her casual pose!

8:40 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

I love that strawberry hat! I see it so often and never tire of seeing it :) It looks really cute on your little girl. :)

9:21 PM  

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