Wednesday, May 07, 2008

 Not technically babywear but...

... I was told I could post up to size 3. Well this is possibly the last piece I make for my son that fits into this category! Boys grow up soooooo fast these days!! Maybe I'll have to start baking another, just so I have a baby knit excuse!

Made from a Sirdar pattern in the "Cheeky Chino's" leaflet (a gorgeous pattern book from which I will be making many more things!). I used 8ply "Colour 4 Me" as I much prefer real wool on children and will put up with the extra care wool requires knowing that their skin can breathe properly and they are nice and warm. It knitted up nice and soft, which was very necessary since the collar comes up so high. It mustn't be too scratchy as the little guy wouldn't let me take it off him to stitch the zip in after I tried it on for size. And all he had on was a singlet!

Stitching the zip in was a frustrating process... you can read why here. Seriously, if anyone has any zip stitching (into knitting) advice, I would love to hear it. I have a little pink baby jumpsuit that has been sitting in the WIP box for several years now, rolled in a ball with a pretty pink zip all ready to be stitched in, but it seemed so difficult to get it neat and tidy AND sturdy for lots of nappy changes.


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