Wednesday, April 30, 2008

 The Un-Tiramisu Baby Blanket

I found myself recently in a desperate place - far away from home with no yarn, no needles/hooks, no project. A quick surf through Ravelry and a dash to the nearest Wal-Mart craft aisle yielded the beginnings of this blanket. The pattern is the Tiramisu Baby Blanket. I used about 3.5 skeins of Caron Simply Soft in Soft Yellow and a size H crochet hook. I decided to use my favorite crochet stitch, the half-double crochet, for the body of the blanket rather than the one from the pattern, but I used the edging as written. It's bigger than the pattern suggested, measuring approximately 36" x 36." I seem to be absolutely incapable of creating a petite baby blanket. Oh well, that just means it'll be useful longer, right? I'm really happy with how it turned out.

 Candy Frill longies!

I just love how quick newborn longies are! These were such fun to make, with bright happy wool I dyed myself with a bit of kool aid and a few packets of jelly crystals. When I first dyed the wool I thought it was hideous and shoved it in the back of the cupboard. But I had no time to dye more as the bub had arrived, so out it came and I dipped it in jelly once more (there were a few white patches between colours which I didn't like so I mixed up some blue and pink top make a delightful lavender to fill in the gaps). Then when I cast on, I started loving what I had thought was a dying disaster! These are picky pants, knit in 8ply (so some adjustments were made to the pattern) with the ruffle edge. Blogged here.

 Cuddle toy

I'm on a bit of a toy kick these days. First I made a Big-foot Bunny (from Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor):

Big-foot bunny

and then one of Oat Couture's Cuddle Toys:

Cuddle toy

This one is a bit of a mutant ... I embroidered a kitten face, but the ears are more bear-ish. I don't suppose my 7 month old will mind ....

(Big-foot Bunny is Raveled here; the Cuddle Toy here)


 Wednesday, April 23, 2008

 Completed Project: Mossy Jacket

The Mossy Jacket is complete! Here for more details.

 Thursday, April 10, 2008

 I Didn't Make This Sweater

I didn't actually make this sweater, but I did make the baby. This is our little guy, Henry, born exactly four weeks ago. I've been very busy, hence slow on the posting and on the making anything new myself. The second baby is definitely more laid-back than the first, but juggling the two kids doesn't leave much time for mama stuff. It gets better, right?

Anyway, more Henry love over at my blog.